EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR ENERGY SECURITY z.s. is an independent non-profit legal entity registered in the jurisdiction of the Czech Republic, specializing in the protection of technology transfer and international flows of scientific data. The association’s objectives include the unification of the efforts of private and/or state structures related to non-carbon energy sources and next-generation technologies to ensure the security of the regular energy supply and to organize the sustainable operation of the worldwide energy system in peacetime and during destabilized periods.

The CESTA Institute, established by EAES, has become a platform for the creation of the Center for Energy Stability (CESTA) SYNERGOATOM.

Part of the EAES activity is humanitarian support for the Ukrainian professional community in the field of nuclear physics and energy. As a result of Russian aggression against Ukraine, the European Alliance of Ukrainian Scientists (EAUS) was created on the basis of the Institute.

EAES is interested in cooperation with the subjects that have the power to influence international processes related to the legislative, licensing, adaptation, and application of next-generation technologies in the nuclear industry.

The statutory activities of the EAES involve the following:

Bringing together individual experts and academic institutions with a focus on long-term projects in energy.

Study and evaluation of various types of resources, including nuclear, and their fuel for energy security.

Assessment of the environmental impact of the operation of energy resources, including nuclear, and other systems as the basis of industry.

Implementation of inspection activities in relation to installations, materials used, research, and development.

Supporting the reflection of scientific knowledge and findings of the association in relevant institutions.

Development of expert reports, assessments, and recommendations on the use of individual energy sources, including nuclear.


Engineering group BRESSON, as a representative of traditional Czech mechanical engineering, brings together experienced project managers, engineers, designers, and technicians in the field of innovative development of special materials and power equipment for the nuclear industry in technological combination with renewable generation sources.

WITKOWITZ is a brand of unique mechanical engineering solutions: large-size forgings made of special alloys, complex gearboxes, pressure tanks, or heavy-duty steel structures. They can be found, for example, in the form of bridges; as a part of ship engines, industrial installations, or hydro, wind, and nuclear power plants operating with renewable energy sources.