CESTA is registered under Czech law with the status of an “Institute” under the identification registry number 17428416. The administration of the Institute and its registered office is based at the Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The initiator and founder of CESTA is the European Association for Energy Security (EAES).

CESTA is an international technology and knowledge center whose mission is to bring together international scientific, technical, industrial, commercial, intergovernmental and other organizations, in particular, but not exclusively, related to next-generation energy technologies in a transition to a low-carbon economy, in particular with introduction of small nuclear power technologies.

CESTA cooperates with other scientific, technical and industrial organizations on the principle of interaction within the Institute’s divisions:

  1. Security of energy systems
  2. Applied research and scientific and technical
  3. Design, production, and management of energy systems
  4. International law in the field of energy
  5. Evolutionary philosophy

CESTA Being established by the EAES, as well as participating in various Czech-Ukrainian scientific and technical programs for the development of nuclear energy technologies, the CESTA Institute was a platform for the creation of the European Alliance for Ukrainian Scientists (EAUS), which found itself in forced emigration due to Russian aggression against Ukraine.


EAUS was established in connection with russian aggression, with reference to our personal attitude to what is happening in Ukraine, as well as based on long-term profile cooperation of our Czech enterprises with Ukraine in scientific, technical, and production projects, interacting with such organizations as SSTC NRS, NAEC Energoatom, certain institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and others. For us, Ukrainian scientists and specialists in various fields are members of a large European family of creation and peace, and we personally cooperate with many of them. EAUS is a humanitarian non-commercial platform for Ukrainian citizens related to the European academic community who are forced to emigrate as a result of russian aggression. The mission of the EAUS during the war and during the period of economic and infrastructural reconstruction after our Victory is to provide support to Ukrainian citizens who are related to the types of professional activities interpreted by UNESCO as scientific and technical. Long-term professional cooperation with the European Commission and intergovernmental organizations, among which the STCU is our priority partner, allows us to provide professional categorization of the lists of Ukrainian scientists and industrial specialists in emigration, in order to be involved in European scientific and technical research programs. Thus reaching the most effective options for crisis long-term financial support. Many of our friends who are in Ukraine at this difficult time are already included in different programs of international support. Now our task is to help those scientists and specialists who were accepted by our common European home during the war. We actively communicate with our Ukrainian colleagues with whom we managed to establish contact within the European Union, and we ask you, in addition to filling out the questionnaire below in person, to inform your friends and colleagues about the possibility of joining this program.

By submitting this form, you agree that your personal data may be used exclusively for humanitarian purposes, aimed at supporting your professional activities in times of crisis. You also agree that you may be personally contacted by official representatives of relevant international organizations that are in cooperation with the EAEU on issues of humanitarian support for Ukrainian scientists and specialists.