A long-term community of peace-loving nations, united by the desire for peaceful creation, became the basis for creating a European stronghold of science and technology on the eastern border of European civilization – CESTA SYNERGOATOM. Our common knowledge and experience will become a reliable tool for the energy stability and security of the European continent. The idea of creating the Center was born in Prague. The Czech word CESTA, formed by the phrase “Center for Energy Stability”, which sounds so similar in many world languages, means WAY. This path of creation is called SYNERGOATOM, and is a symbol of the inexhaustible power of nature, born from the synergy of the peaceful atom. Our common goal is to realize this miracle in the universe, learning from it to create technologies for the sake of peace and prosperity of mankind.

Today, Ukraine is rightfully becoming a new strategic part of the foundation of our common European Home. Ukraine, as one of the traditional world leaders in nuclear energy, in collaboration with true friends and partners – the Czech Republic and Poland, is becoming the birthplace of a scientific and technological platform CESTA SYNERGOATOM. With joint powerful industrial potential and rich scientific and technical experience in nuclear physics and other creative sciences, our countries will be glad to each new partner who realizes the importance of such an association. European and global leaders in the science and technology community will welcomed members of our family, combining their rich knowledge and experience with the strong potential of leading scientists and subject matter experts who will occupy key positions in key areas of activity of the CESTA SYNERGOATOM.

“The world is facing a series of unprecedented and interconnected crises, leaving the international scene at its most tense since the establishment of the UN. Tensions between the major powers are now at an unprecedented high level. Therefore, the risks of new conflicts are high. This can happen by accident or – due to incorrect calculations of one side or another.”

Statements by UN Secretary-General António Guterres, 24 April 2023

The last assumption from the above quote, among other things, can be directly attributed to the scientific and technological, and as a result, geopolitical imbalance in relations between states that claim to be world leaders. Energy, as the basis of human life, becomes a dangerous tool of influence in the era of decarbonization. The global economy becomes hostage to the irresponsible policies of individual states occupying key positions in the system of world energy security. Nuclear energy plays a special role in today’s world. It is designed to serve the prosperity of mankind, which can only be ensured by a reliable nuclear safety system. A peaceful atom begins its technological life in a scientific environment, which primarily involves international consolidation of the professional community in the field of nuclear physics and related scientific and technical areas. International flows of strategic knowledge and technologies in the field of nuclear physics and energy, concentrated in scientific, industrial, and energy structures of terrorist regimes, becomes a dangerous weapon of blackmail in energy wars, endangering the existence of both their own peoples and the population of peaceful neighboring states. The capture of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant Zaporiz’ka, threats to many critical infrastructure facilities, and other examples of flagrant violation of international relations on the territory of Europe, which still remembers the horrors of the Second World War – terrible facts about what a thin line separates us from those very “accidents or miscalculations” mentioned by the UN Secretary-General.

UN formed 17 goals of sustainable development (SDGs) that humanity must achieve in the near future. Almost 800 million people on our planet still do not have access to electricity and all the benefits it brings for health, education, business, and improved living standards. Energy must be clean, affordable, stable, and safe from all kinds of threats. The challenge facing the energy sector is highlighted in the three core principles of the UN program:

Optimal use of environmentally friendly natural resources and conservation technologies

Maintaining the stability of social and cultural systems

Ensuring the integrity of biological and physical natural systems

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) promotes the efficient and safe use of nuclear energy in existing and new nuclear programs, as well as innovation and capacity building in the fields of nuclear energy. The IAEA supports and encourages the efforts of Member States in the nuclear power industry to provide access to clean and reliable energy by supporting nuclear technologies in the following areas:


Support for activities that contribute to addressing nuclear infrastructure issues

Formation of energy strategies, including those that do not include the use of nuclear power

Development of solutions for the use of SMR technologies in the agricultural industry


Assistance in the safe and efficient management of the life cycle of nuclear power plants – from design to decommissioning, including operating nuclear power plants

Activities in the field of nuclear fuel cycle and handling of materials used in nuclear reactors


International exchange of information on innovations for reactor technologies


Sea water desalination, hydrogen production, district heating


Construction and operation, fuel cycle control, infrastructure development


Implementation of effective management systems, knowledge management and human resource development


In the era of decarbonization of the economy, the peaceful atom becomes not only a scientific and technological source of energy but an impetus to the formation of a public philosophy of an energy-secure world. In this regard, CESTA SYNERGOATOM defines for itself the following key GOALS:


of the international intellectual potential in the energy sector


of the economic and energy stability of the European continent


of modern models of development in science, education, and professional employment


of investments into the development and innovation of technological processes


interest in the younger generation to participate in the creation of an energetically stable future

ACTIVITIES of the CESTA SYNERGOATOM consist of five basic blocks:

Physical and technical modeling of innovative energy technologies

Combined environmentally friendly energy systems (nuclear and hydrogen energy, natural sources)

Nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear safety

Operating nuclear installations, justification of the safety of operation and decommissioning

Research and development of new materials and technologies for the storage and disposal of nuclear materials, radioactive substances, and radioactive waste

Study of the radiation impact on personnel, the public, and the environment during normal operation and design basis accidents of nuclear fuel cycle facilities

New generation energy (Small modular reactor (SMR) systems, Generation IV reactors)

Nanotechnology, quantum mechanics, robotization, artificial intelligence

Strategic planning of scientific and technical development of innovations in power engineering

Development of the structure of the fuel and energy complex

Energy transformation (“Green Deal”) for the formation of new technological ecosystems

Energy efficiency forecasting, monitoring and diagnostics of energy facilities

Modeling, identification and optimization of the physical and technical foundations of energy

Assessment and recommendations on environmental and technogenic energy security

Science-intensive design solutions in the design of modern power equipment


Fundamental and scientific and technological experimental research in the field of:

Solid state physics, radiation, materials science, condensed state

Experimental and theoretical studies of the properties and structure of structural and functional materials under the influence of temperature-force, magnetic, electrical, and radiation effects

Experimental studies of nanostructures, magnetic materials, and thin surface layers

Development of new materials and technologies in the nuclear power industry and other fields of technology

High energy physics, nuclear physics, elementary particle physics, and new methods of acceleration

Experimental research and applied research at basic facilities and at accelerators of partner scientific centers

Experiments in the field of high-energy physics

Experiments in the field of nuclear structure and nuclear reactions

Theoretical studies of interactions of elementary particles in space-time with additional dimensions

Research in related fields, in particular, the application of experimental methods of nuclear physics for research in the field of solid state physics, materials science, and nanotechnology

Nuclear medicine and biology

Plasma physics and thermonuclear fusion

Theoretical plasma physics, calculations, estimates, and modeling

Experimental plasma physics and controlled thermonuclear fusion

Fusion reactor problems

Strengthening links between fusion leaders and other contributing countries

Evolutionary philosophy of an energetically stable world:

Scientific and technical and vocational and educational development

Startups in the field of energy technologies

Specialized training and retraining of specialists in the energy industry

Training of young specialists for work in the energy sector of the new generation

General educational and social development

Publishing and publication activities in the field of development of scientific and technological progress

Organization and holding of international events aimed at scientific, technical, educational, industrial, socio-political and socio-economic creative interaction

Science journalism:

Innovative technologies and scientific and technical achievements in energy sector

Community journalism:

Formation of a public philosophy of coexistence in an energy-secure world

International META-platform for self-education of children of different ages

Cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign developers of Metaverse technologies within the framework of expected investment programs in order to create an international social and educational platform based on CESTA SYNERGOATOM for children of preschool and primary school age. This involves international communication of children within the framework of multinational classes, mixed according to age, language, social and other characteristics. Thus, children of different mental, social, ethnic, age, linguistic and state affiliations will communicate on their vision of a peaceful, energetically stable and secure future of our Planet. There will be no teachers in the classes, which will be balanced in number from 10 to 20 children – the older children themselves will take on the duties of “teachers”, “lecturers”, “mentors”, giving the younger ones the opportunity to vote for their proposals and initiatives. Communication between children will take place in their native language, without translation. The process will involve selected experts in the field of philosophy, psychology, sociology, science, energy, politics, jurisprudence, and other areas who will observe the children, directing their communication toward the formation of opinions regarding the children’s view of future technologies related to the energy agenda and questions of the evolutionary development of mankind. The process will periodically involve children of senior school age and young people involved in the CESTA SYNERGOATOM Startup projects. Their role will be to inform children about what technologies are being developed on the CESTA SYNERGOATOM platform, thus revealing to them a certain secret of science that children can join by offering their own ideas. In this way, we adults can try to understand what exactly can be right and interesting for today’s young generation, for whose sake we are building the future. The multilingual nature of communication will not lead to a lack of mutual understanding of understanding – on the contrary, the set agenda of communication will contribute to the exclusion from children’s consciousness of such concepts as war, violence, injustice, racial or other prejudices, and any other forms of human thinking that lead the world to the civilizational tragedies of our time. Despite the technological progress and the intellectual development of mankind, we still remain hostages of our understanding of the world. Perhaps the children, who have not yet drowned in the ocean of our memory about what should not be forgotten, will open up a new Universe of knowledge for us, who are building the future for these children, often not imagining how they see the future.

Development and support of programs for the inclusion of children and adolescents in science-intensive projects

All science-intensive projects created within the framework of international cooperation will be coordinated with the Scientific and Technical Council of CESTA SYNERGOATOM, with the mandatory participation of the Scientific Council of Children and Youth, whose opinion will be taken into account by experts when assessing the feasibility of such projects. Thus, CESTA SYNERGOATOM will become a springboard for a new generation of scientific and technical management and professionals building a peaceful future for our Planet.

Fund for Innovative and Social and Economic Development:

  • Voluntary deductions from the income side of the participants in individual contractual relationships that arose between them as part of joint activities on the CESTA SYNERGOATOM platform
  • Mandatory (in the absence of legal restrictions) deductions from sponsorship, charitable or subsidized funds from individuals, commercial, state, public, and intergovernmental enterprises and organizations that are at the disposal of the participants, and used by them within the framework of separate contractual relationships based on the CESTA SYNERGOATOM platform

And designed for:

  • Support for start-ups and development of scientific and technological progress in the field of experimental physics and energy
  • Specialized training of specialists in the energy industry and ensuring professional employment
  • Support of educational scientific and technical programs for children and youth
  • Supporting programs for the socioeconomic development of Ukraine in the process of post-war reconstruction


The first organizations representing Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Poland, as three strategic partners in Central and Eastern Europe, decided to become founders of the CESTA SYNERGOATOM are:

  • Institute of Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IPBAES)
  • National Scientific Center of the Kharkiv Physical and Technical Institute (NSC KhPTI)
  • Public union «Sumy machine-building cluster of energy equipment» (hereinafter SMBCEEQ)
  • Union of veterans of nuclear energy and industry of Ukraine
  • European Association For Energy Security z.s. (EAES)
  • Czechatom a.s.
  • Union of Nuclear Industry Veterans of the Czech Republic

Form of organization and management of CESTA SYNERGOATOM

CESTA SYNERGOATOM is a NON-JURIDICAL VOLUNTARY INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION of subjects of private and state ownership associated with scientific and technical engineering and design, industrial, educational, socio-economic, public, environmental, legislative, and other types related to general and nuclear energy, nuclear energy of the new generation (Small modular reactor (SMR) systems and Generation IV reactors), hydrogen energy, as well as innovative technologies using renewable resources.

The form of the organization, its governing bodies, and forms of interaction between the participants of the “cooperation
agreements”, are available for review to each entity, corresponding to the description above, that has expressed an interest in joining such cooperation as an independent member of the CESTA SYNERGOATOM.

Accession to the Cooperation Agreement can be carried out on the basis of signing the Appendix, which implies an individual approach to each new member, allowing for the indication of their own corporate or other restrictions that protect the interests of the future member in the framework of interaction with other members of the Association.

Additionally, participation of specialized organizations in the work of CESTA SYNERGOATOM is provided on the basis of an individual form of accession to the “Memorandum of Cooperation in the Creation of CESTA SYNERGOATOM”, signed between the initiators of the Platform – EAES and SYNERGOATOM UKRAINE LLC.

The general scientific and technical management is carried out by the Scientific and Technical Council, consisting of invited independent scientists and subject matter experts from the circles of the international scientific community. Consultation coordination in terms of international interaction at the socio-political level is carried out by the Civic Diplomatic Council, consisting of invited independent representatives of the relevant professional community.

Location and jurisdiction of CESTA SYNERGOATOM activities

Head administrative office:


The main branches of the head administrative office:

Institute for NPP Safety Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

European Association For Energy Security z.s., Prague, Czechia

EKOPARK S.A., Warsaw, Poland

Head scientific and technological sites (STS):

NSC Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology NAS of Ukraine, Kharkov, Ukraine

Institute of Nuclear Research NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Main branches of the STS:

MIFRE ENERGY a.s., Třebíč, Czechia

KEZO Centrum Badawcze Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland


The initiators and founders of CESTA SYNERGOATOM are participants in specialized interaction with individual government authorities, academies of sciences, power system operators, and leading scientific and technical organizations, including:

  • Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Ministry of Energy of Ukraine
  • Representative offices of the ministries of foreign affairs and other government departments
  • Individual institutes of the Academies of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Poland
  • Energy system operators and state nuclear regulatory authorities of the Czech Republic and Ukraine
  • Leading industrial enterprises of the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Poland
  • Selected National and Energy Security Bodies

Taking into account current conditions and requiring the consolidation of the international community in the protection of common civilizational values and peaceful coexistence, the Center for Energy Stability “SYNERGOATOM” needs to interact with scientific, technical, and industrial partners, as well as government authorities and intergovernmental organizations.